Majestic Painters
(925) 336-0526
480 Preston Ct. Suite C.
Livermore, CA 94550
License #875704

Management Group
Nick Capurro, President

Owner, Nick Capurro, is a licensed painting contractor with more than 20 years experience providing superior customer service.  Majestic Painters was founded upon the sincere desire and passion to make his clients' visions a reality. Nick thoroughly enjoy the creative process, and seeing a project from start to finish. 

"I am a true student of painting and collectively seek, master and practice new techniques, equipment and products. I attend seminars and trainings put on by Sherwin Williams Painting Company as a way to stay current, as does others on our staff. As a former Army Infantry Captain, and General Manager of Starbucks Coffee and Pottery Barn, I clearly understand the value of hard work and customer service." 




Amber Capurro, Color Consultant

Majestic Painters has an in-house Colorist Consultant, Amber Capurro. Amber is a certified and trained colorist that continues to stay to-date on industry products and knowledge in order to provide the highest quality of services to our clients.  Her classical training in the arts as well as her extensive traveling overseas makes her a consummate and collaborative partner in helping you to achieve your desired ends. Amber's talents extend beyond a color scheme or suggestive recommendations. She believes in a full service business identifying customer tastes according to lifestyles, family orientation, modern and rustically inclined ambiances.

We like to say that Amber "brings the paint store to you." Amber truly understands the needs for our clients to clearly express themselves through their vision of the project, simultaneously making sure that they understand how their choices will effect lighting, mood, and the use of their space. Amber not only consults on color, but she brings the paint samples to your door steps, applies the paint samples to the project area and gives you a sound suggestion. Free of charge with a contractual agreement, Amber works out a time with you to meet and show you how your home will feel and look like. We will not paint until you are 100% sure of your color selections.
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